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The HEMOLUNG is the world’s first and only fully-integrated, FDA cleared system for extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R). The system removes carbon dioxide directly from the blood which can mitigate the harmful clinical sequelae of hypercapnia, respiratory acidosis and ventilator induced lung injuries.

Minimizing Complexity

The HEMOLUNG Cartridge fully integrates the blood pump and gas exchange membrane to simplify setup, priming and use of the system.

The HEMOLUNG Controller provides on-screen instruction, advanced monitoring and real-time measurement of CO2 removal for precise titration of therapy.

Minimizing Risk

The HEMOLUNG Catheter is a 15.5 Fr dual-lumen venous catheter (jugular or femoral) percutaneously inserted bedside and optimized for use with the HEMOLUNG system.

Patented HEMOLUNG Cartridge technology reduces risk of circuit thrombosis through blood flow optimization and hemocompatible surface coating.

The HEMOLUNG Controller continuously monitors the system to ensure safe and reliable performance.

Maximizing Patient Benefit

HEMOLUNG therapy rapidly corrects hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis which can enable avoidance of intubation and de-escalation of mechanical ventilation.

The HEMOLUNG can be implemented in a variety of hospital settings including community hospitals, non-ECMO centers, VA hospitals, and ECMO centers.


Benefits of HEMOLUNG Therapy
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Indication for Use: The HEMOLUNG is indicated for respiratory support that provides extracorporeal carbon dioxide (CO2) removal from the patient’s blood for up to 5 days in adults with acute, reversible respiratory failure for whom ventilation of CO2 cannot be adequately or safely achieved using other available treatment options and continued clinical deterioration is expected.