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Three Components, One Integrated Solution
for Acute Respiratory Failure

The HEMOLUNG is the world’s first and only fully-integrated, FDA cleared system for extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R).

The HEMOLUNG removes carbon dioxide directly from the blood at blood flow rates between 350 – 550 mL/min which can mitigate the harmful effects
of hypercapnia, respiratory acidosis, intubation and ventilator induced lung injuries.

The HEMOLUNG is an innovative tool to manage acute respiratory failure while minimizing the risks and complexities of extracorporeal lung support.

Product Information

Product Specifications

Indication for Use

The HEMOLUNG is indicated for respiratory support that provides extracorporeal carbon dioxide (CO2) removal from the patient's blood for up to 5 days in adults with acute, reversible respiratory failure for whom ventilation of CO2 cannot be adequately or safely achieved using other available treatment options and continued clinical deterioration is expected.

Membrane Surface Area

0.59 m2

Membrane Material

Heparin Coated Polypropylene

Blood Flow Rate

350 – 550 mL/min

Sweep Gas Flow Rate

0 – 10 L/min Room Air


15.5 Fr Dual Lumen Jugular or Femoral Venous Catheter

Priming Volume

(Cartridge + Tubing + Catheter)

259 mL


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